Exotic Shores


Detective Erlendur is a policeman from Reykjavik with a special interest in the stories of people who have gone missing in the wild and died in danger, and in particular those who have not been found.  

An old nostalgia drives him to learn the fate of his little brother who escaped one day in a snowy storm while they and their father crossed the bridge over the river. 

 Erlendur was not looking for a crime, but was found by the crime. 


Erlendur begins an informal investigation of the case, led by curiosity; he knows that the victim's husband drowned in the sea after her disappearance when he was on a fishing boat and his friend and news that he was buried alive!! This news leads Erlandor to discover another immoral crime that can be described as "the emotional crime" The disappearance of Mitheldor's body. He gradually concludes that he was investigating not only one but two crimes, and that they are related to each other. The first crime led to the occurrence of the second.  

In order for Erlendur to obtain the truth that is more than sixty years old; he had to dig up graves, examine bones, search letters. "strange shores" crime has totally another mysterious face.